Old Apostolic Church

Doctrines, Theology & Practices of the OAC


 Overview of the Old Apostolic Way of Life

For Old Apostolics, their way of life is paramount in all things.

Jesus says  “I am the Way , the Truth and the Life” and many Old Apostolics endeavour their best to live the Old Apostolic Way of Life in such a manner as to reveal their version of Jesus Christ to one another and the “world”. The “world” in Old Apostolic terminology refers to those who have not yet been confirmed or taken up into the Body of Christ (The Old Apostolic Church).

The OAC Way of Life consists of daily activities which are opportunities to engage with one another and to work their salvation. The “activities” for an Old Apostolic is akin to the heartbeat of the body. Members attend activities as an outworking of faith so that the blood of Jesus (the OAC) flows through them. These activities are typically: testimony, Choir, Bread Break (study and sharing of the “apostle’s” teaching), Testimony (an opportunity to bear witness to non-Old Apostolics), teaching, thanks giving, tithing, play practice, church social events and Sunday Service which often occurs twice a Sunday depending on circumstances.

The Old Apostolic Way of Life is not limited to formal activities. The activities are simply opportunities and markers along the way in the journey of “living in Christ Jesus” (the OAC organisation). It is a common understanding that being an Old Apostolic is a full time commitment and that members should be Godly in their conduct at all times, not simply during activities.

In addition, the Old Apostolic Way of Life is not complete without “living in the priest”, humbling oneself to the shepherd (priest) assigned to the members. All activities, practices, teachings and sayings will be discussed in this document as thoroughly as possible, however, please bear in mind that there will be great variations across communities due to the lack of written doctrine as well as ever changing oral teaching, tradition and culture.

Old Apostolics commonly claim that the same teaching and understanding exists in all communities regardless of geographical location. However, when tested, Old Apostolics from different apostleships have very different views on even fundamental issues such as who are what Jesus Christ is.

The Old Apostolic annual Calendar is highlighted by 3 main events: Sealing Service, Easter, Ascension and the Day of the Covenant. Of course, first Sunday’s are also paramount when most members attend to receive the Holy Communion (although communion can be received on the second Sunday for those who were unable to attend the first).

The Old Apostolic Way of Life, being of utmost importance, encourages members to “take up their cross and remain in their heavenly place”, meaning, their designated role in the “Kingdom of God” in the “heaven” to which they are appointed (Brother/Sister heaven, Underdeacon Heaven, Priest heaven etc). Similarly this can be described as being an active and living member in the “Body of Christ”.

While there are many communal, supportive and, what many would describe, as memorable experiences in the Old Apostolic Church, there are also unfortunate and destructive elements in the church’s teaching, culture and worldview which are in direct contradiction to the gospel and the tradition of the original Christian apostles. Communities can often be observed to be isolated and insulated; the members will often have relationships and friendships only within the organisation; the members do not comfortably associate with Christians; there is tremendous pressure on families often resulting in estranged children, broken marriages, divorce; and many members and officers are prone to spiritual afflictions such as arrogance, elitism, pride, despair, fear of death, despondency, confusion, self-doubt, denial and depression to name a few.

This work is dedicated to those who seek to know God as He truly is: The Truth Shall Set You Free.