Old Apostolic Church

Doctrines, Theology & Practices of the OAC


A Fork In the Road

There is a bright future for the Old Apostolic Church which is the path that returns to the original doctrine, teaching and tradition of the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles. This path is propelled by God Himself, leading all nations toward Him as He so chooses by His grace.

There is also possibly a dark future for the Old Apostolic Church which leads to its demise and utter estrangement from God through false doctrine, teaching, superstition and cult-like practices which become more and more foreign to the Spirit of Christ and the original faith.

Continuing on this path will lead to an organisation whose teachings are incompatible with the Truth of the Gospel and estranged to the love of the One True God who is  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God over all people and all things.

The following chapters may, by God’s Grace and mercy, provide a choice for the reader to encourage a positive change for the Church to return back to sound doctrine and Truth or it may encourage the reader to entirely abandon the organisation, as difficult as it may be, to pursue the love of God outside the constraints of a heterodox (not correct teaching) organisation.