Old Apostolic Church

Doctrines, Theology & Practices of the OAC


First Step


The first step is to separate feelings from fact, superstitions from reality, truth from fiction, man made teachings from God’s own revelation.

In the Old Apostolic Church there are many loving people, willing to serve God. Simultaneously there are many reasons why the system on which the OAC is based can be viewed as unhealthy and heterodox.

“Orthodox” means correct worship and glory of God as passed on by tradition by the apostles of Christ. “Heterodox” is the word used to indicate a deviation from the “tradition” and “doctrine” of Jesus Christ and the apostles.

Feelings are fickle and are often based on what a person has been exposed to over a duration of time. However, if we are unknowingly comfortable with a falsehood, then the truth may make us feel uncomfortable. This means that your feelings may feel challenged as you continue on this journey, especially if you belong to the organisation known as the Old Apostolic Church.

Superstitions are beliefs and stories which guide our behaviour. Not walking under ladders is a superstition. In the Old Apostolic Church a superstition would be that “not attending activities or not excusing yourself” may lead to an unfortunate and unblessed outcome. This is a widely held superstition, however when examined objectively one would need to consider that non-apostolics are subject to the same successes and misfortunes commonly experienced in life as all other humans. Many members attend activities and follow instructions religiously, not out of love for God, but out of fear for the consequences of being “disobedient” to the “word”, or to remain to be held in high regard to their priest or “overplaced”.

Man made teachings are those which have taken hold in the church, but which have no biblical or early church traditional basis.

Kindly keep the above in mind as we continue this discussion.