Old Apostolic Church

Doctrines, Theology & Practices of the OAC


Discussion Overview


There are 4 broad categories that would need to be considered when evaluating the Old Apostolic Church:



Historically, it will be demonstrated that the Old Apostolic Church (OAC) is one of the youngest religions in the world. While many churches and denominations are young, the OAC has a starkly unapostolic approach, not abiding within the doctrine and tradition of the original apostles. The founding of the organisation itself is unremarkable and similar to many other organisations that sprung into existence in the same period.

Doctrinally, the Old Apostolic Church is a culmination of oral teachings and influences from Christianity and other faiths and religions. This will be discussed in depth especially since the organisation’s peculiar doctrine is what causes the OAC to resemble closely the cults of the Latter Day Saint (Mormonism), JW Org and Islam.

The culture and organisation will be discussed in tandem. It will be demonstrated that there is much to salvage, however there is also much which is in contradiction to Christ which is to be discarded.