Old Apostolic Church

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Confession of Faith Explained  

Now we must engage in the exercise of what the original, ancient Confession of Faith or  Creed means. We must then, painstakingly, compare the original to the Old Apostolic Church’s Confession of faith and their interpretation to establish whether or not the OAC has deviated from the original biblical faith as established by Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour Himself.

I will add that when this book was started, it was meant to be a brief comparison of the Old Apostolic Church to the original Christian faith. However, brevity would unfortunately be gained at the cost of depth, fullness and credibility.

After all, if you are indeed from the Old Apostolic Church, this may be the first and only opportunity I have at explaining, with love and truth how your beliefs, what you have been taught and indeed your worldview may not be in line with what Jesus Christ the Lord intended for you.

Therefore, by God’s grace I have undertaken the task of explaining the original confession of faith and thereafter explaining the OAC confession of faith in contrast.

Please bear in mind that the following explanation is not exhaustive in the slightest and dozens of books have been authored over 18 centuries by Christians far more dedicated and informed than I, to better explain the fullness of the Creed and its application.