Old Apostolic Church

Doctrines, Theology & Practices of the OAC


A letter of Love to the OAC

Are there more dedicated people on God’s earth? 

One would be hard pressed to find more committed people of all ages who have a such a sense of passion for their church’s gospel and doing what they understand to be God’s work. Passionate, obedient, zealous and willing to give their time, many labour tirelessly in the way that they have been taught.

Officers and members  often dedicate long hours of travelling far distances to visit brothers, sisters and testimony homes, all in an effort to glorify God, albeit an OAC version of God. Old Apostolics are largely a genuine people, with care, according to their doctrine and teaching, toward one another and toward those whom the OAC gospel can be preached.

This love letter and all its contents are dedicated, by the grace and love of the one true God, to those who labour each day, often at the cost of their wellbeing, lives, relationships and families to win a soul.

The Lord Jesus Christ who is the God over all nations (Rom 9:5), Loves You